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Contract Research

This service is used by clients who want to contract their lab work to us. Upon submission of samples, the procedural and technical execution of the project in the lab is carried out on behalf of the client by our in-house scientists. Clients are carried along to understand the techniques used and the appropriateness for the particular research. Reports that summarize materials and methods used, and data collected will be delivered to the client. Pricing depends on the complexity and duration of projects.

Lab For Rent

Clients who want to conduct their research themselves can subscribe to this service. Clients must have prior knowledge on molecular analytical techniques and would be assisted by the lab technicians when necessary. Pricing depends on the complexity and duration of project

Features Include:

  • Constant Power
  • Lab Consumables
  • High Speed 4G Wifi
  • Over 20 lab spaces for rent
African Biosciences lab Scientist at work
Project Design

Project Design

Do a great project that can be published in reputable journals

We design amazing project topics in life sciences for BSc, MSc, Ph.D., and Post Doc researchers. It begins with initial free consultation to gain an understanding of the client’s research goals. Thereafter, our in-house consultants and scientists work with and assist the client to design a project, paying attention to the hypothesis to be tested, experimental design, data acquisition and data analysis. Intellectual ownership remains with the client and ABL can also assist the client to prepare a full proposal that may be presented to their academic institutions or sponsors

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